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Review Bamboo Safety Razor by Emma Wouterson - Plastic Free Amsterdam

Review Bamboo Safety Razor by Emma Wouterson


The usual razors are quite expensive. They also bring a lot of plastic packaging with them. I think both are not necessary. That’s why I started looking for an alternative. I wanted a good quality razor that is sustainably produced, lasts a long time and minimizes pollution. I found it, a Safety Razor! How does it work? Is the money worth it? Does shaving hurt? I share my review about the bamboo safety razor in this article!

bamboo safety razor review - Emma Wouteson


I don’t buy much, but when I buy something, I make sure that it can last a lifetime. Or at least as long as possible. It is important to me that the products I buy are of good quality and produced sustainably. I don’t mind paying a little more as I often only have to buy it once. In the end you are just as expensive, or even cheaper! Better for me, better for the environment 

For this reason I chose a safety razor. In the Netherlands it is also called a “Krabbertje”. The nice thing is that a safety razor is now very hip, but was invented in 1847 by an American. The safety razor is therefore a super authentic razor. Something I like!

How it works, whether it hurts and how much it costs I tell in this review about the bamboo safety razor!


bamboo safety razor review - Emma Wouterson

The safety razor consists of 4 parts. The top, the blade, the bottom and the handle. By means of a turning system you can loosen the top of the safety razor and take it apart. This way you can easily change the blade. Never take hold of the blade by the sharp edge when changing it.

Hold the blade differently while shaving. The grip is slightly different, approximately at an angle of 30 – 45 degrees. In the beginning this is a bit of practice, but you will notice when you have it correctly.

After shaving it is important that you take the entire razor apart and dry it well. This will prevent it from rusting, and it will last much longer. This may seem like a lot of effort, but it automatically becomes part of your routine. Ultimately, you are only a minute longer.


1. Hold the top of the safety razor upside down between your thumb and index finger.

2. Pick up the knife on the short, non-sharp side and place it on the top.

3. Place the bottom with the rounded side on the knife.

4. Tighten the handle firmly, but not too tight, against the loose parts.

5. The blade is ready for use!


Shaving with the safety razor itself really doesn’t hurt. It takes some getting used to and


I cut myself 3 times the first time. They were harmless cuts and the second time it went much better. In addition, I also cut myself often enough with a plastic razor, so it also depends on my shaving skills … So take your time!

Also make sure that you shave your skin well after shaving with preferably natural products! 


Ultimately, you can use a safety razor the same as a normal plastic razor, so you can shave anywhere. I recommend that you shave your legs first, for example, so that you can get used to the knife.


I personally don’t use shaving soap, just a soap bar. There are shaving soap blocks that do not bring plastic and last a long time.

  • Shaving Soap
  • Shaving Soap


    There are different safety razors. My safety razor comes from the brand Bambaw and I bought it at Plastic Free Amsterdam online for €22,95. This handle is made of bamboo and will last a lifetime as long as you handle it well. So it is a one-off edition.

  • Bamboo Safety Razor
  • Metal Safety Razor Silver
  • Metal Safety Razor Rose Gold
  • Metal Safety Razor Black

    The blades can be found for 30 cents each. They are often sold in sets of 5. They say that a knife will last a month, but I still use the 1st knife now. So for almost 3 months!

    So, in the end, you are much cheaper with a safety razor than with a normal plastic razor.


    Do you also use a safety razor? Share your experience in the comments! This way we can help each other and provide information. I am always curious about other experiences from you! We can learn from each other.

    You can also ask your questions in the comments! I do my best to answer them as soon as possible.


    I hope this review of the Bamboo Safety Razor has helped you live more sustainably! For even more inspiration you can find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! You can also subscribe for monthly news, updates and hotspots on the newsletter. No spam! I promise 


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