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Reusable Coffee Cups


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The Best Reusable Coffee Cups 

You can find truly sustainable coffee cups at the Plastic Free Co.. No single-use or disposable cups that are supposedly compostable, but reusable coffee cups that last a long time and are easy to use.

We have KeepCup reusable cups which you can take coffee from home or get coffee on the go without waste from your favorite coffee shop or at a coffee-to-go. But we also have reusable coffee cups for work that fit perfectly in a business environment and are easy to wash. Also in the dishwasher.

Why use a reusable cup?

A reusable coffee cup is a sustainable alternative to disposable or compostable coffee cups. After just 10 uses a KeepCup reusable cup has lower carbon emissions than a compostable single-use cup. After 24 uses KeepCup reusable cup has a lower impact than disposable cups.

Reusable Coffee Cups

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