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Zero-Waste Stores in the Netherlands


In the global movement towards sustainability, zero-waste stores are becoming more popular, even in the Netherlands. The zero-waste stores in the Netherlands have a broad range of dry goods, but also fresh food and condiments from local farmers and makers. Some even offer household products, so these zero-waste stores in the Netherlands are just like your local small supermarket. The amazing thing about package-free stores is that they offer you the option to bring your own packaging, such as bags or container, and fill it with how much you need of each product. That way you can buy only what you need.

Here's a list of the top zero-waste stores in the Netherlands:

Little Plant Pantry - Amsterdam

Little Plant Pantry is the first zero-waste grocery shop in Amsterdam with a focus on sustainability. As a speciality food store, they offer food ingredients without or with minimal packaging and work together with local food producers. Their mission is to avoid single-use plastic packaging and to promote a plant-based diet. You will find a wide range of organic ingredients, fresh products and condiments. They also offer regular workshop such as soap and candle making.


Vegan Bulk Store in Amsterdam: Little Plant Pantry | Amsterdamian -  Amsterdam Blog

Delicious Food - Amsterdam

Delicious Food is a organic delicacy shop and supermarket! Enjoy their super healthy organic food, ingredients, delicious organic wines and beers. Always fresh, freshly made products from their own kitchen every day. Or tap your ingredients yourself with your own packaging. From daily groceries to luxury culinary products, they have everything you need for a healthy and tasty lifestyle.


Zero Waste en plasticvrij boodschappen doen bij Delicious Food

De Nieuwe Graanschuur - Amersfoort

De Nieuwe Graanschuur in Amersfoort is a gem for zero-waste shopping. Their extensive selection of organic products, including fresh produce, grains, nuts, and spices, allows customers to shop sustainably while supporting local farmers.


De Nieuwe Graanschuur - VVV Amersfoort

Mimint - Arnhem

In the heart of Arnhem, Mimint stands out as a zero-waste organic supermarket where you can go 5 days a week for your daily organic groceries and a wide range of products for a sustainable lifestyle. Mimint has grown into the friendly green local store where personality and sustainability are central.


Nieuw: Mimint Bio Market - Bloei! in [Arnhem]

Elemental Shop - Breda

Elemental Shop in Breda is a haven for conscious consumers seeking sustainable alternatives. Theur main goal is to help people bring more sustainability into their lives. Every step, big or small, towards a more environmentally friendly life is a step towards ensuring a clean and beautiful future. They also offer workshop to learn more about food and how to make your own DIY cosmetics


Elemental Eco Shop | GoodFoodClub

Potjes & Deksel - Rotterdam & Capelle aan den IJssel

Potjes & Deksel is a mobile zero-waste paradise, offering a wide range of package-free food items to help customers reduce their environmental footprint while driving in their shop in a van. Every week they are located in a near local market in Rotterdam, The Hague, and Delft. Check their planning here. But they also drive regular routes in Rotterdam & Capelle aan den IJssel.


Potjes & Deksels | LinkedIn

LockO loop - Delft

Lock O loop has a "Zero waste meets click’n’collect" concept. So you place your zero-waste order online, select when and where you want to pick it up, save and return your jars. That way every packaging will be reused over and over, in a closed and local loop.


De Gieterij - Wageningen

De Gieterij  is a zero-waste shop where you can get all your local sustainable groceries, Farmers, bakers and other makers from the area bring their fresh products every day. A complete range is ready for you, just like at the supermarket. Everything is sustainably produced with care for people, animals and the environment. You pay a fair price and you contribute to the local economy.

 De Gieterij - StreekWaar

LOOS - Utrecht

LOOS in Utrecht is a zero-waste store on wheels offering a diverse selection of  organic produce and zero-waste cleaning products. With a focus on sustainability and community, they strive to make conscious living accessible to all. They drive regular route around Utrecht and also have a pop-up shop.


Loos Utrecht - De Nieuwe Gevers

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Do you know any amazing zero-waste stores in the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments and we'll add them to the list.

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