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Top Uses for Essential Oils


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants that capture the plants 'essence' or scent. They are then combined with a carrier oil to produce easy to use essential oils and are most commonly used for aromatherapy practices. However they are also used in many of the products we use day to day.

Interested in essential oils and their benefits but don’t know where to start? Read on to discover all the ways you can use and combine essential oils to create personalised natural everyday products for yourself and loved ones.

    The Many Uses of Essential Oils

      • Diffusers
      • Candles
      • Room spray  - sleep, relaxation etc
      • Body butters
      • Perfumes
      • Bath oil - also add to walls of shower to inhale
      • Dryer balls - add a few drops for freshly scented dry clothes
      • Steam method 
      • Massage oil

    DIY Diffusers and Room Sprays

    You will need:

    • Glass bottle - you can use one our amber of clear glass bottles or reuse an empty bottle if you have one (TIP - the smaller the neck of the bottle the slower your mixture will evaporate making it last longer)
    • Reed or bamboo sticks/skewers
    • Your desired essential oil
    • A carrier oil base - you can use carriers oils such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or a vodka and water solution


    1. Fill the glass bottle with 20% essential oil and 80% base mixture. If you are using vodka and water the ration should be mostly water with a couple of drops of vodka to act as a binder 
    2. Once mixed add the reed or bamboo sticks to the bottle
    3. Turn the sticks over once a week to get the most effective results

    Recommended Scents

    Lavender - if you are intending to put your diffuser in your bedroom to promote relaxation and sleep then lavender may be a good choice

    Lemongrass and Eucalyptus have more energising properties and may be more appropriate in a room you intend to study or work in.

    Feel free to mix different essential oils and experiment to create your own unique scents

      For a video tutorial on how to make your own diffusers click here.

        DIY Candles

        Photo source: Bottega Zero Waste

        You will need:

        • Glass jar - reuse any jar you may have around the house
        • Wicks and double sided stickers
        • Wax - a natural wax like rapeseed or beeswax (has a honey and flower pollens scent) is better for the environment 
        • Essential oils
        • (Natural dye if you desire to colour your candles)
        • Pot and glass bowl for the process
        • Spoon or stirrer

        Candle materials can be bought at: 


        1. Place the wick at in the centre of the glass jar
        2. Boil water in a pot and then place a glass bowl inside
        3. Add your wax. Usually you need two of your desired jar fulls worth of wax so for example, if you are making four candles, you would need 8 jar fulls of wax
        4. While your wax is melting add your desired essential oil to the bottom of the jar. You want to make sure the oil completely covers the bottom of the jar. Add more if you want the scent to be extra strong, less if you want subtle 
        5. When the wax is almost completely melted you can add the dye and mix to combine so the colour spreads throughout
        6. Once your wax is transparent it is completely melted, allow it to cool for about 1minute, no longer or it won’t pour well
        7. Pour the wax into the glass jar until it is as full as you want it and use a skewer to keep the wick balanced while the wax dries
        8. Leave the candle to harden for at least a day
        9. Trim the wick to the desired length
        10. Light it up and enjoy the lovely aroma!

        Recommended Scents

        Frankincense and Cedarwood - Fall is fast approaching and these scents will make you feel like you are taking a brisk walk through the woods and wipe away those morning cobwebs!

        Cinnamon, Clove and Sweet Orange - If you favour a cosy Fall, then this combination is perfect for you. Settle down with a good book or in front of your favourite movie and try not to fall asleep.

          Learn more about how to make your own candles here and here.

            DIY Body Butter

            Photo source: Bottega Zero Waste

            You will need:

            • Solid Coconut oil
            • Shea butter - you can add cacao/mango butter as well to your mix
            • A carrier oil like: Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, or argan oil
            • (Optional: Cornstarch or Arrowroot powder. This makes it less greasy on the skin)
            • Chosen essential oils
            • Glass jar or any empty container you have saved with lid
            • Glass bowl 
            • Hand held or electric whisk 


            1. Heat the coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil in a glass bowl in equal measures. How much you use depends on how much body butter you want to make
            2. (Optional: Add the Arrowroot powder or cornstarch to the mix and stir until melted. Approximately 2 teaspoons but if you are making a lot of body butter add more)
            3. Leave to cool then move the mixture to the fridge for 1 hour. The mixture should begin to harden but still be slightly soft
            4. Whip mixture with whisk for 10 minutes until fluffy 
            5. Add essential oils and then whip for a further 1 minute 
            6. Transfer to your container and use as and when you please!

            Recommended scents

            Lemon and Eucalyptus - keep it fresh and citrusy for a lighter and springy scent 

            Bergamot and Sweet Orange - ideal for colder days and with natural anti-ageing qualities, these oils are perfect for skincare

              Like the sound of making your own body butter? Click here and here to find out more!


              It is widely believed that essential oils can promote relaxation and stress relief, however research is still lacking in this area.

              Therefore, we advise using essential oils and aromatherapy alongside professional medical care for physical and mental health concerns.

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