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10 Sustainable Christmas Gifts That Keep on Giving


I'm dreaming of a Green Christmas! And we bet you do too! So welcome back to the sustainable side of the internet, where we believe that the best gifts not only warm the heart but also tread lightly on our beautiful planet. As the festive season approaches, it's time to unwrap a world of sustainable Christmas gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary. 

Here's our curated list of 10 thoughtful presents that make a difference:

1. Nature's Touch: Handmade Circular Soaps by Nature Bar

Transport your loved ones to a world of natural luxury with Nature Bar's soaps that are handmade locally in Amsterdam. These exquisite creations are carefully crafted using a blend of botanical and circular ingredients, ensuring a pampering experience that's both indulgent and environmentally conscious. Each soap contains a circular ingredients that is saved from wasted, such as orange peels from orange juices, fir from old Christmas tree and malt from beer production.
By choosing Nature Bar, you're not just giving a soap; you're offering a daily ritual that connects the user to the healing power of nature. You can shop the soaps here:

2. Candle Making Workshop by the VeryGoods Studio

Ignite the spark of creativity with a candle making workshop from VeryGoods Studio in Amsterdam. This unique experience goes beyond traditional gifts, providing an opportunity to craft personalized candles. Participants learn the art of sustainable candle making and creating unique scents that carry a touch of their own creativity. The workshop encourages participants to appreciate the artistry behind each candle, fostering a deeper connection to the items that illuminate our spaces. You can buy a voucher or book a workshop here.

3. Wearable Stories: Unique and Recycled Jewelry by Nowa

Nowa transforms recycled materials from old smartphones into wearable tales of sustainability. Each piece of jewelry is a work of art, telling a story of repurposed beauty and eco-conscious fashion. Nowa believes in a world where everyone sees the value of e-waste, hands in old electronics and all electronics are recycled in a sustainable way.

By choosing Nowa, you're not just gifting a loved one with a stylish accessory; you're supporting a brand that values ethical practices and champions the cause of reducing environmental impact in the fashion industry. It's a gift that sparkles with conscience and purpose. You can shop their sustainable jewelry here.

4. Cozy Goodness: Handmade Candles from us

Illuminate the festive season with the warm glow of handcrafted beeswax or rapeseed pillar candles from The Plastic Free Co. Made from natural beeswax or rapeseed wax, they not only provide a cozy ambiance but also contribute to the reduction of toxic candles made from synthetic fragrances and waxes. This gift is a shining reminder that even in the warmest moments, we can choose products that are kind to the planet. You can shop our candles here.

5. Tea Time Bliss: Sip Sustainably with Lemon Poppy Tea

Elevate the tea-drinking experience with Lemon Poppy Tea's responsibly sourced blends from the mountains in Albania. From fragrant herbal infusions to floral blends, each cup tells a tale of sustainable agriculture and mindful consumption. By gifting these exquisite teas, you're not just offering a beverage; you're sharing a moment of relaxation and supporting a brand committed to ethical sourcing. It's a present that delights the senses while promoting a more local tea culture. You can shop the tea here.

6. Sweet Sustainability: Sustainable and Vegan Chocolate

Indulge the sweet tooth guilt-free with sustainable and vegan chocolates from our range. These treats are more than just confections; they are a celebration of ethical chocolate production. By choosing these chocolates, you're not only satisfying cravings but also supporting a brand that advocates for responsible cacao sourcing and packaging. Our brands ensures that every bite is a step towards a world where indulgence doesn't come at the cost of the environment while being very delicious. You shop our vegan and sustainable chocolate here.

7. Crafting Memories: Ceramics Workshop

Gift the joy of artistic expression with a ceramics workshop voucher from Keramiek Atelier Amsterdam. This hands-on experience allows participants to mold clay into personalized creations, from functional pottery to decorative pieces. It's not just a workshop; it's an opportunity to craft memories and tangible reminders of creativity. The gift of a ceramics workshop is an investment in experiences, allowing your loved ones to explore their artistic potential. You can find any local ceramic studio in your area and gift a session from them but here's a link to one in Amsterdam.


8. Relaxation Redefined: Spa Gift Card

Treat your loved ones to the ultimate relaxation with a spa gift card from Sauna Wellness Cadeaukaart. This thoughtful present goes beyond material gifts, offering an escape to tranquility and self-care. It's an invitation to unwind, rejuvenate, and prioritize well-being. By gifting a spa experience, you're providing a moment of relaxation in today's fast-paced world—a gesture that speaks volumes about caring for the mind, body, and soul. You order a spa gift card here, which can be used at 210+ of most beautiful saunas, thermal baths and wellness resorts in the Netherlands

9. Vegan and Zero-Waste Cookbook by Max La Manna

Embark on a culinary journey with the "More Plants, Less Waste" cookbook by Max La Manna. This cookbook is a treasure of plant-based recipes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also promote a zero-waste kitchen. By gifting this cookbook, you're not just providing recipes; you're inspiring a shift towards conscious and healthy cooking. Each page is a guide to creating wholesome meals while minimizing environmental impact, making it the perfect gift for those who believe in the power of mindful eating. You order the cookbook here.

10. Cultural Excursions: Museum Card for a Year of Exploration

Fuel the curiosity of your loved ones with a museum card that unlocks a year of cultural exploration across the Netherlands. This gift isn't just a ticket; it's a passport to knowledge, art, and history. By providing access to numerous museums, you're encouraging a love for learning and fostering an appreciation for the rich tapestry of human achievements. It's a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, turning every visit into an adventure in education and cultural enrichment. You order a gift Museum Card here.

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