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These pump dispensers fit our amber or clear glass bottle (300ml or 500ml) perfectly and can be reused again and again. 

They are made from plastic but these are designed to be used for years and not thrown away! 

PLEASE NOTE: you must cut the tube (riser tube) to size yourself, make sure that the tube is cut just above the bottom and is NOT bulging

  • Material: Plastic
  • Length entire riser: 255mm - 25.5cm
  • Bottle opening size (neck size): 28/410 (28mm)
  • Can be cut to length: yes (note: you must cut the tube to size yourself)
  • Maximum depth bottle: 240mm (the photo does not show the full length of the tube)
  • Fit bottles of 30 to 500ml
  • Warranty closure: No

Pump Dispenser

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Pump Dispenser - Plastic Free Amsterdam
Pump Dispenser
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