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Once again I am dreaming of a Green Christmas…

Another year has passed and once again we are celebrating Christmas differently, our locals and loved ones need a little more love this year. Here is a list of eco-friendly gift ideas once more so you can not only make your favorite people happy but also our wonderful planet.


Sometimes all a person needs is a trip down memory lane to feel good again. A memory gift is something simple but personal and is perfect for that emotional mom or your loving partner. A memory jar or box is easy to make but cute gifts, just write some memories down on bits of paper and put them in a jar or box, if you still have some old stuff laying around that is linked to a memory, you can collect it and put it in the box as well. If you want to be a little more creative, a scrapbook is a perfect idea, collect all the memories you have, like photos and tickets, and a book. All you have to do now is glue or tape everything in the book and write little bits of text in it. Although they are simple, these gifts are something your loved ones will hold on to forever and if you leave a bit of room for them they can fill it even more themselves.


Thrifting was a big trend this year, understandable, it is eco-friendly and fun! Thrifting a gift is a fun way of giving something a second life to a person you love. You can make a gift out of something you thrifted like a teacup candle out of an old teacup or make a bundle, like a book bundle for a booklover and a baking bundle for the food fan. An even more fun gift is taking your loved ones on a thrifting experience! Choose a few thrift stores and go together on a thrifting spree, you can offer to pay for some of the thrifted goods of your loved one.

A few cool thrift stores in Amsterdam:

  • ReLove Exchange (vintage clothes)
  • Rataplan (second hand store)
  • Kringloop de Lokatie (Secondhand)
  • Marbles Vintage (Vintage clothing)
  • Van Dijk & Co (vintage furniture)

Image: Van Dijk & Co


The Ultimate Winter Experience

From December 19, 2021, to January 3, 2022, the RAI Amsterdam will be transformed into the Ultimate Winter Experience: ‘Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs’. You’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful winter experience of 3400m2 in daylight and the evening. Which makes it the perfect gift after a long study, working or even a lazy day.

The activities you will be able to do vary from Ice Skating under the lights of the indoor and outdoor skating rink, watching the beautiful Amsterdam from the gigantic Ferris wheel, or the high whirligig! Celebrate the evening in the (silent) après-ski hut or at the winter party with, among others, Xander de Buisonjé and many more artists.

The City of Lights

Want to spend your evening in the most beautiful part of Amsterdam? Then the Amsterdam Light Festival will probably be your favorite activity of this walk. Here you will see illuminated works of art and sculptures, which form a beautiful natural unity with the Amsterdam landscape. Every winter, the canals become the setting for LED artworks by both Dutch and international artists. We recommend taking a cruise so that you can view the light artworks of the Amsterdam Light Festival from the boat. 

Several shipping companies are active during the Amsterdam Light Festival for a boat trip. You can choose between different boats, from simple to luxury boats. The simple cruises are of course a lot cheaper. To give you an idea: the rates vary from € 26.50 to € 70 per person for the more luxurious round trips. It's from December 2 until January 23, 2022.


  • Amsterdam West
    • Bar Hendrix
    • A cozy bar located in Amsterdam West. Every winter they get ready to serve you the nicest drinks for winter.  So besides the great and cheap Glühwein (homemade, for only €2.50) They also sell bottles of wine, snacks and even to-go dinners. 
  • Amsterdam South
    • Cafe Krull
    • Done with your to-go dinner and Glühwein? Swing by Cafe Krull, which isn't too close to Bar Hendrix, but still worth the visit. Here you can get your groove on with a nice Glühwein with a shot of rum.
  • Amsterdam North
    • Cafe Ceuvel
    • In need of some Glühwein with a unique taste? 'De Ceuvel' offers Glühwein with red and white wine (€4.50), they also add tonka beans, fresh ginger and black pepper. Delicious! It's an all vegan cafe.
  • Amsterdam Center
    • De Hortus 
    • Save the best for last..De Hortus normally is a beautiful spot to enjoy al the beauty of nature, but in the winter evenings this spot gets even more beautiful. At De Hortus. You can get a ready-to-use Glühwein wine with a cinnamon stick (€3.50) and a nice experience in there beautiful gardens. 


If you want to be creative together a DIY kit or workshop as gift can be fun. Like a ceramic or drawing workshop online where you can learn how to make something beautiful together and keep the finished product as a memory or. A great idea for an DIY kit or workshop is the make a candle workshop from the Very Good Candle Company, you can order a candle making kit or participate in their workshop where you will make your own candle with their guidance.

Image: DIY Candle kit

Other great gift ideas are some awesome DIY kits from the DIY store. Their DIY kits are simple and a perfect way to spend a snowy or rainy day with your loved one. You can either make your own colorful clock or cool plant plot from concrete. The kits come in low waste and recyclable packaging.

Image: Clock DIY kit


This year has been very hard for small businesses and local stores due to the lockdowns, with these gifts you can make your loved one and your neighboring businesses very happy. You can have an at-home restaurant experience, order some food from a local restaurant and eat it away with everyone you have dear. If your family and friends aren't big fans of ordering food you can give them a gift card from a local shop.

What are you getting your friends and family for Christmas? We are excited to know, so tell us in the comments!!


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